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Yoga at Home



I just completed a 7 week yoga instructor training course led by Megan Howe, owner of MPowered Stillness School of Yoga. Life changing experience for me; highly recommend for anyone interested in the practice of yoga and wants to really connect with their inner self.

Matt StClair / USMC Veteran / Yoga Instructor

I walked into this School unsure, fearful, lonely, and insecure. I am walking away with the tools I need to remain Empowered through adversity, Still during storms and Radiating Effervescent light. Thank you for Helping Me find My True North!

Ruth James / US Army Veteran / Yoga Instructor

I chose to become a yoga instructor to help others grow and change their life for the better. Never did I expect to grow so much myself or be challenged and awakened in such a spectacular way. Megan was not only an incredible and knowledgeable teacher, she was someone I could trust and will be forever grateful for all she did for us as her students.

Tatiana Sowell / USMC Veteran / Yoga Instructor / Mama

Participating in yoga teacher training through Mpowered Stillness was one of the best decisions of my life. Megan is an incredible teacher and her training is engaging, fun, and honestly life changing. I learned so much through this 200hr yoga teacher training. I learned in depth about the asanas or poses used in power yoga (like the anatomy, modifications, sanskrit), the philosophy, history, and spirituality behind yoga, how to be the best teacher I can be, and the power that I have in everyday life. This training is not only a yoga training to learn what it means to be a yoga teacher, but it is a healing process.
Our training was disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic and we were not able to meet in person for some time. However, Megan showed her true strength as a leader and teacher and remained focused on what needed to be done in order to help us reach our graduation. Her ability to pivot through a crisis, such as the pandemic, and show empathy towards our experiences is truly remarkable and something I will always admire. Some things that I walked away with at the end of the training are a newfound love, appreciation and knowledge of yoga, confidence to show up as myself, and a community of human beings that I went through the training with who I am proud to call life-long friends. If you are even questioning whether going through yoga teacher training with Megan at Mpowered Stillness is the right thing for you, all I have to say is... take that leap and you will come out of it a greater version of yourself!

Ashton Cradit / Founder Rooted Renewal / Yoga Instructor / Integrative Health Coach

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