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MPowered Stillness School of Yoga was born from the belief that within each of us lives a teacher. 

And, that teacher is constantly teaching whether we acknowledge it or not.

With life-changing tools, powerful coaching, a willingness to evolve, and a commitment to grow, every single person can become an effective teacher wherever they find themselves in life. 

Yes, even 

Are you someone who seeks more in your life?
Do you crave purpose or fulfillment? 

Are you someone who posses the desire to stop letting life drag you around?
Do you want to take charge and design a life you love?  

Are you feeling stuck in life and desperately hoping to shake things up?
Do you need a major jumpstart in your life?  

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you are a prime candidate for our programs! 

More than just yoga, MPowered Stillness gives students access to empowered living and profound change through impactful learning. 

As the only Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School in Beaufort, SC, we commit to serve, share, connect, and grow with you for years to come. 

Come train with us!

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